Fix for “/dev/vmmon not found, display cannot be initialized” in VMWare Fusion

When attempting to run any of my VMWare Fusion virtual machines on mac macOS (OS X) I was getting the “/dev/vmmon not found, display cannot be initialized, internal error” error every time I try and start a virtual machine.

I tried reinstalling, upgrading and downgrading VMWare Fusion all to no avail.

The Fix for the dev/vmmon not found error

The problem is caused by having both VirtualBox and VMWare fusion installed on the same machine. Run the Sun provided uninstallation script, mirrored here to  uninstall VirtualBox. This allows you to run your VMWare Fusion Virtual Machines without the “/dev/vmmon not found…” error.

Reinstalling VirtualBox after this install doesn’t seem to cause this error again, though a reboot might change things there in which case I will update this post.

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