If you are building a web application using Nuxt.js, you're pretty likely to want to use some Vue.js components in your project.

In a Vue.js application you would `yarn add vue-snazzy-component` and then import the component into your App.js file.

In Nuxt.js the set up is different. The Vue component must be set up as a plugin and then added to the nuxt.config.js file.

First of all create a file `~/plugins/global.js` with this code

import Vue from 'vue'
import { KeenSlide, KeenSlider } from 'vue-keen-slider'
Vue.component('keen-slider', KeenSlider)
Vue.component('keen-slide', KeenSlide)

And then in the nuxt.config.js file include your global plugin like so:

plugins: [

And you're good to go.