Flying in Wave, Maybe

Multiple ear infections, a house move, work and family have kept me away from the flying field for nearly two months. So last Friday I made a trip up to Midland Gliding Club for what looked like promising conditions for some…Continue Reading →

Soaring in an ASK23

I soloed in this ASK-23 (G-DEVV) for the first time the day prior to this flight with three up and down circuits. On the day of this flight the forecast of 15 knot NW/NNW winds looked good as the ridge…Continue Reading →


My first flight in a glider was on October 13th 2015 at Midland Gliding Club. After 50 flights with different instructors (mostly Rob H and Dave C) Nigel L sent me off on my first solo flight in the club’s ASK…Continue Reading →

Launches and landings

Three flights today with some great weather in the morning. It feels like the first day this winter without rain. I flew launches and landings with Paul. Weather conditions weren’t great for ridge flying so we just had a few short circuits. I…Continue Reading →

Aerofly FS

In an attempt to improve my flying skills I’ve started playing around with flight simulators once again. I picked up a pretty cheap set of CH Pro rudder pedals from eBay as well as a good second hand joystick from CEX (A Logitech Extreme…Continue Reading →