Replacing the voltage regulator on an APM board

Fixing the APM voltage regulator
Fixing the APM voltage regulator

Fixing the APM voltage regulator

I recently had a problem with my APM arducopter board. I accidentally blew the 3.3v voltage regulator. I suspect that I damaged it whilst connecting the board to USB power whilst having a camera gimbal attached to the ‘copter. This may have resulted in a high current draw through the receiver and APM board blowing the voltage regulator.

After damaging the regulator I was getting all sorts of strange errors from the board. The gyro, compass, GPS and barometer were all giving me errors due to the fact that they were now getting 5v instead of the needed 3.3v.

I spent 30 minutes with a soldering iron and a new voltage regulator and got the APM board back up and running. I made a short video of how to replace and fix the voltage regulator on the APM board.

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